A year in ESPC's Youth

Each year we combine as many pictures and videos from events as we can into one promotional video for the Church to view and gain some insight into what exactly have the youth been doing the past year.  

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Student Ministries

  • D-Groups(Discipleship Groups)

    The life blood of our ministry to youth and families is Discipleship.  These groups meet throughout the week in the Church or in homes.  

    If you would like to get connected to a D-group please contact our youth director Chris Holland.  

  • Wednesday Nights

    Wednesday night Bible study is every Wednesday night in the youth building. ALL youth are invited to participate.  We'll start at 6:00-8pm with a $3 Dinner.

    We are currently studying through 1 John.

  • Sunday Night Fellowship (SNF)

    All the youth meet together from 6-8pm in the Youth Building for fellowship, food, and fun.  

    Right now we are doing a series that will help teens navigate the media that is such a large part of our lives.

  • Jr. High SNF

    The Jr High also meets on Sunday nights with the rest of the youth in the ESPC Youth Building for a time of fellowship and study. Parents are always invited to all of our bible studies and events. 

  • Youth Distinctive's


    Distinctive 1 is to affirm and assist the family in the life of each student. The youth ministry will reinforce the healthy Christian values found at home, serve the parents by equipping them through training and expositional teaching, and create ways for families to grow together through fellowship, service and teaching opportunities.


    Distinctive 2 is to create a community among youth age students. As friendships develop, they are aimed at strengthening and encouraging each other towards Christian maturity. Due to the nature of teenagers and their unique development stage, it is important for them to develop relationships with each other and form an identity as a group.


    Distinctive 3 is to integrate youth into the extended church. It is important for students not only to develop relationships with each other, but also be included as a part of the whole church body. Therefore, students will be encouraged to develop relationships with the whole church by using their gifts and abilities to assist the church in its worship and work. 


    Distinctive 4 is to engage non-Christian youth and their families. The youth ministry will equip students and families to engage non-Christian students and families by proclaiming to them the good news of Jesus Christ. As students and families share their faith with others, the youth ministry will serve as an entry point into the church. Ultimately as we reach out to non-Christians we want to reach the family, not just the student, encouraging parents to engage parents as youth engage youth.