Welcome to espc youth ministry


The Youth Ministry of ESPC is dedicated to establishing and equipping the youth in the essentials of the faith within the context of the whole Church family in order to grow youth into life-long, mature disciples of Christ.



Distinctive 1 is to affirm and assist the family in the life of each student. The youth ministry will reinforce the healthy Christian values found at home, serve the parents by equipping them through training and expositional teaching, and create ways for families to grow together through fellowship, service and teaching opportunities.


Distinctive 2 is to create a community among youth age students. As friendships develop, they are aimed at strengthening and encouraging each other towards Christian maturity. Due to the nature of teenagers and their unique development stage, it is important for them to develop relationships with each other and form an identity as a group.


Distinctive 3 is to integrate youth into the extended church. It is important for students not only to develop relationships with each other, but also be included as a part of the whole church body. Therefore, students will be encouraged to develop relationships with the whole church by using their gifts and abilities to assist the church in its worship and work. 


Distinctive 4 is to engage non-Christian youth and their families. The youth ministry will equip students and families to engage non-Christian students and families by proclaiming to them the good news of Jesus Christ. As students and families share their faith with others, the youth ministry will serve as an entry point into the church. Ultimately as we reach out to non-Christians we want to reach the family, not just the student, encouraging parents to engage parents as youth engage youth.

our programs

  • D-Groups(Discipleship Groups)

    The life blood of our ministry to youth and families is Discipleship.  These groups meet throughout the week in the Church or in homes.  

    If you would like to get connected to a D-group please contact our youth director Chris Holland.  

  • Wednesday Nights

    The youth meet every Wednesday night in the youth building from 6-8pm . 

    We assign everyone to a small group of 4 then chaperones drive each group to a restaurant in town to eat and start spiritual conversations with people we meet.

    We meet back at ESPC at 7:30 and talk about how God worked during these evangelistic conversations.

    Come join us and, if you are able, sign up to drive a small group to an evangelism location in town.

  • Sunday school (Rounders)

    Our youth meet for 3 quarters of the year in the gym to dig deep and discuss Gods word together.  We meet in the FLC Gym.

    There is trivia, announcements, Bible study, then small discussion groups led by a mature older member of ESPC.

    During the months of April, May, and June the youth join the adult classes to experience fellowship with older members of the Church.  The youth can choose any class he/she desires during this quarter.  Instead of treating youth like they are the future of the church, we want them to know that THEy ARE THE CHURCH!  This quarter is a good way to emphasize this point.

    If you would like to be a table leader please contact Chris Holland.  You don't have to have a seminary degree.  You just need to be saved and know how to read discussion questions aloud.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider signing up for this even if you are not a parent of a youth.

  • Sunday Night Fellowship (SNF)

    All the youth meet together from 5:15-7:15pm in the Youth Building for fellowship, food, and fun.  

    Right now we are doing a series that will help teens navigate the media that is such a large part of our lives.